Flexibility, Branding Among 2022 South Florida Real Estate Trends To Watch

Forbes Round-up Story

Florida added more newcomers in the 12 months ending July 1, 2021 than any other state but Texas. Citing estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, reported the Sunshine State added 211,305 residents through both migration and immigration during that one-year period.

The population surge hugely benefited South Florida’s real estate industry, which profited from the incoming wave of home buyers and employers.

Forecasters are predicting Florida will again witness double-digit growth in 2022. Pricing will once more be propelled upward, with an already-tight inventory and pent-up demand from foreign buyers adding fuel to the blazing hot market. As the next wave of incomers arrives, a trio of trends will likely influence their housing choices.

Lifestyle flexibility

Perhaps in response to the fact so many hunkered down and sheltered in place for part of the pandemic, South Florida home buyers in 2022 are expected to seek flexibility to both travel and engage in remote work.

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